Waste Management

Solid Waste Management

The garbage containers located inside the premises are sufficient to store household and domestic waste. If necessary, an additional trash chute will be provided for storing hazardous waste. A 10 m3 garbage truck will be available for collection and transportation of the waste from the yard to the disposal area. The transported trash is then recycled at the “Tamiz Shahar” LLC disposal yard. A document indicating the disposal information will be provided. All vehicles have the necessary licenses and permits for waste management. Liquid Waste Management Zira Port can provide collecting, transporting and disposal services for the following liquid wastes generated on the vessels. Oily water – Water mixed with either oil, petroleum or other chemical substances. Oily water requires additional care during transportation and disposal. Grey water – wastewater is mainly generated in households. The source is mainly sinks, showers, washing machines and etc. The mixture is mostly neutral and requires less care. Sewage (black water) — wastewater containing feces, urine and flush water from flush toilets or toilet paper. Black water contains pathogens and therefore requires special attention when processing. Government designated disposal areas in Hovsan and Gardagh are present for the disposal of the liquid wastes stated above. Special suction vehicles will be collecting and transporting all the liquid wastes to the related areas. All vehicles will have the necessary certification and licensing for transporting hazardous and neutral wastes

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