Rail Line

Total Length of railway                                                                    12.03 km
Railtype                                                                                               R65
Railroad Switch quantity                                                                  9
Parking lines quantity                                                                       4
Length of parking lines                                                                    1838.4 m
Projected speed                                                                                60 km/ hour
Category of Railway                                                                          IV   

The railway line to Zira Sea Port was designed by “Innopro” LLC and built and put into operation by “Demiryolservis” LLC of “Azerbaijan Demir Yollari” CJSC according to the Technical Conditions No. SM1-304/2 dated 11.08.2017 of “Azerbaijan Demir Yollari” CJSC. given. The total length of the railway is 12.03 km.In accordance with the requirements of the technical condition, the connection to the railway was connected to the 39+050th km of the Bakukhanov – Y
eni Surakhani – Dübendi – Gurgen railway line. During the design of the railway, R65 type rails and 9 1/11 grade switches were used.Outside the Zira Seaport, there are 4 berths with a total length of 1838.4 pm (useful length 1000 pm). The design speed of the Zira Sea Port railway line is 60 km/h, the category of the road is class IV.

Transport Route

Zira Port – Georgian Border 574 Km, 7 hour ride
Zira Port – Samur, Russian Border 250 Km, 3 hour ride

Distance from International Ports

Destination Distance

Zira Port                                 Poti Port                                             747 km
Zira Port                                 Port Aktau                                          371 km
Zira Port                                 Kuryk Port                                          329 km
Zira Port                                 Bandar Anzali                                    328 km
Zira Port                                 Turkmenbashy Port                          226 km
Zira Port                                 Astrakhan port                                   697 km
 Zira Port                                 Port of Novorossiysk                        1145 km
 Zira Port                                 Port of Constanta                              1818 km
  Zira Port                                 Port of Samsun                                  1177 km.

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