Zira Sea Port has been put into exploitation on 23.12.2013. The port was registered by the State Maritime Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan (hereinafter – the State Maritime Agency) on 13.10.2016. “ADO-G Logistics” LLC is the Port Authority of the Zira port.

The Obligatory Regulations for the Zira sea port (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Obligatory Regulations’, ‘OR’) have been developed according to the Merchant Shipping Code of Azerbaijan and the Law of Azerbaijan on Sea Ports.

The port of Zira considers the effective use of material benefits and maximum protection of environment for the future generations as the basis of its activity in dynamic and comprehensive development of the port.

The port undertook the following obligations:

  • To expect the compliance with all international and national environmental regulations;
  • To minimize environmental pollution by maximum save of material resources;
  • To prepare preventive action plan on pollution prevention of environment;
  • To maintain the situation relating to the occupational health and safety under a constant control and always improve the situation in this field;
  • To involve all employees of the company to “environmental protection” works and to achieve the constant improvement of indicators in this sphere;

Port Management Structure


The companies and other providers operating in the port shall observe the instructions and safety regulations issued by the Zira port.

The companies and other providers operating in the port area shall appoint a contact person for safety issues. In addition, companies with long-term operating and leasing agreements are obliged to join the Port’s access control system in accordance with the Port’s instructions.

A person attempting to enter the closed port area shall on request present an identity card or access pass approved by the Zira port.

The Media Center of  the Zira port contains an overview of press releases and audio-visual materials.




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Address: Azerbaijan, Baku, Khazar district, “Zira Sea Port”

Phone: +99412 565 22 15  E-mail: info@ziraport.az

Director – Etibar Pashayev  Mob: +994 55 210 16 78

Port Manager – Ismayil Farzaliyev  Mob: +994 50 455 55 99