Zira seaport has 12 hectares of area. The shore line of the port is 500 meters. There are open and closed storage areas on the harbor. At present, construction of a production area meeting the international standards is underway. Construction of plant for production of oil and gas equipment and marine designed large dimensions metal structure  has been started. The port will have heavy-duty cranes and equipment used for marine operations, as well as modern vehicles used on cargo transportation. It is envisaged that the production area constructed on the project will be located in the area of 6 ha being 50 m far from the sea.

General Specifications

Total area 30 hectares
Land area 14 hectares
Water area 16 hectares
Piers area 2.2 hectares
Open fabrication area 60,000 sq. meters
Closed fabrication area 27,320 sq. meters
Mooring area 1,320 meters
Berth space length 350 meters
Channel and seaport depth 8-11 meters
Channel width 90 meters
Bollards SWL 25 & 200 tons
Height of the quayside from seawater 3 meters

Access Zira Port

General Plan