Zira Port will create a business environment offering attractive business conditions focus on the development of efficient, sustainable and long-term partnerships. The port plans to realize expanding of the transit capability of port operations for storage and distribution of goods by offering competitive warehouse rates and handling services covering all aspects of marine operations.


The aim of a shipyard in Zira Port is to provide normal operation of fleets in conditions of difficult competition and replacement of existing old worn-out ships with those provided with modern equipment and new technologies.

After putting of new shipyard into operation, it will be possible to construct and repair any type of ships required (tanker, dry cargo ship, tugboat, passenger ship, crane vessel, etc.) herein in the Caspian Sea.

Industrial Complex



  • Cooperation with world leaders in the production of equipment and structures for the oil and gas sector enables ADO-G to modernize technologies and offer up-to-date solutions on the local market at the international level
  • An industrial logistics complex for the production of oil and gas marine equipment and metal structures directly on the shore of the Caspian Sea. For this purpose, the territory is developed in 16 hectares (Zira settlement on the Absheron Peninsula), which has an advantageous geographical position.
  • Our studies show that the consumers of this industry, currently importing the equipment, are ready to purchase from local producers, subject to the following conditions:
  • Competitive combination of price and quality
  • Modern technological and constructive solutions
  • Qualitative documentation
  • Certification of production and quality assurance systems
  • Compliance with these market requirements will also facilitate the export of these products to consumers in the Caspian region and Asia.
  • Local production also has government support, the presidential decree prescribes giving priority to local goods as an alternative to imports.
  • The strategy of ADO-G LLC in the implementation of this project is aimed at providing solutions for the oil and gas industry in the Caspian region; modern production of marine metal structures, pipes, spare parts in accordance with international standards.
  • Strategic advantages of the company:
  • Favorable geographical location of the production base directly on the shore of the Caspian Sea
  • Maximum proximity to the developed oil fields – targeted consumers of products
  • Extensive experience and reputation, acquired since 1998 in this field
  • Professional engineering and technical personnel
  • Modern equipment that meets the highest requirements of customers in accordance with international standards (API – American Petroleum Institute)
  • Partnership with major international suppliers and profile companies

Marine base

Zira Port has marine operations department in charge of all marine services which include pilotage, mooring, maintenance of aids to navigation, tug services, bunkering, conservancy, pollution control and Firefighting.

  • Cargo Terminal
  • Passenger Terminal (Crew Transfer Services)
  • Storage Area (Large open and closed storage)
  • Water Supply
  • Liquid Waste Management
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Transportation Service
  • Procurement
  • Crane Services
  • Bunkering
  • Shipyard
  • Rig Production, Shipyard and Repair
  • Rail Way (10 km from the main railroad of Baku)
  • Highway (3 alternative routes from the city center)

Rig production/maintenance

Production and Repair of Drilling Platforms

The port is equipped for receiving and servicing directly at the berth of self-elevating drilling rigs. For maintenance and preventive maintenance work, the platform can be connected to the shore power line. In addition, water, fuel, collection and disposal of solid and liquid wastes are provided, as well as other works. The port territory provides storage of spare parts, tools, materials, and other equipment necessary for fast and high-quality maintenance of platforms.

Presence of own technological production directly on the territory of the complex will allow to carry out current and major repairs of drilling equipment on site and under the supervision of the customer’s specialists.

Real Estate

Zira Port Administration offers to its partners and clients office premises, storage warehouses and other types of real estate in its possession.