Zira seaport has 12 hectares of area. The shore line of the port is 500 meters. There are open and closed storage areas on the harbor. At present, construction of a production area meeting the international standards is underway. Construction of plant for production of oil and gas equipment and marine designed large dimensions metal structure  has been started. The port will have heavy-duty cranes and equipment used for marine operations, as well as modern vehicles used on cargo transportation. It is envisaged that the production area constructed on the project will be located in the area of 6 ha being 50 m far from the sea.

General Specifications

Total area 30 hectares
Land area 14 hectares
Water area 16 hectares
Piers area 2.2 hectares
Open fabrication area 60,000 sq. meters
Closed fabrication area 27,320 sq. meters
Mooring area 1,320 meters
Berth space length 350 meters
Channel and seaport depth 8-11 meters
Channel width 90 meters
Bollards SWL 25 & 200 tons
Height of the quayside from seawater 3 meters

Access Zira Port

General Plan

Dry Bulk Terminal

Capacity (Truck)

1500 tons

Capacity (Railcar)

5000 tons

Clinker, cement, minerals and other dry bulk commodities can be discharged directly from vessels to railcars or trucks at the Bulk Terminal of Zira Port.. This facility can also be used to load vessels when special handling is required.

Bulk Terminal, which is operated by the Zira Port Authority, is located in the Inner Harbor of Zira Port. Road access has been separated for safe reliable operations. A certified rail track scale is located convenient to the Bulk Terminal for accurate weighing of railcars. Rail service is provided by the ADY. This terminal is designed to ensure high throughput capacity of dry bulk cargo and to utilize at the same time the best available technologies in environmental protection.

Location of Bulk Terminal

General Cargo Terminal


800 tons

Cargo Terminal had been designed for the transportation of dry and containerized liquid cargos in the Caspian Sea. Cargo will be unloaded on the east side of the jetty area by 4 port cranes. Each container is then identified, listed, documented and transported to the far north end of the premises to be stored. Cargo terminal is currently operative and the transportation of the cargos is mostly managed through the countryside highways. Our future plan to construct a 13 km railway will increase the current transportation capacity up to 1 million tons a year. The railway will be linked to the premises and will significantly accelerate the cargo delivery.

Location of General Cargo Terminal

Container Terminal


1000 tons

A container terminal on a marine port is the bustling heart of global trade, where enormous vessels dock to load and unload containers filled with goods from every corner of the world. These terminals are intricate logistical hubs, finely tuned to handle the seamless transfer of containers between ships, trucks, and trains. Towering cranes dance along the waterfront, deftly lifting containers with precision, while a symphony of activity plays out as cargo is sorted, stacked, and dispatched. These terminals are the nexus of efficiency and organization, where cutting-edge technology harmonizes with the expertise of skilled workers to ensure the smooth flow of goods, powering economies and connecting nations across the seas.

Container Terminal Location

RoRo Terminal

The RoRo terminal in Zira Port Marine Industrial Complex has been designed to receive all types of RoRo type vessels currently operate in the Caspian Sea. Zira Port is located in a strategically compelling side of Absheron peninsula to save time on Caspian voyages.

Logistics companies transporting goods via freight trucks from Europe to Asia or vice versa, significantly shorten delivery time and save transportation costs for delivering goods using competitive location of the Republic of Azerbaijan in an ancient Silk Road. Goods can be transported through Caspian Sea faster and less expensive compared to alternative routes. Zira Port is a major hub for freight trucks. Comfortable waiting areas have been designed for drivers with the facilities such as restaurant, hotel, showers, market, duty free etc. The terminal has excellent know how and project management as well as the specialised equipment for the handling of rolling stock


Open Area

30 000 m2

Intended for storing containers
Closed Area 6000 m2 Intended for storing flammable materials, equipment


Short-term storage area is designated for storing and handling of containerized loads as well as cargos in various shapes and weights. The facility includes several open and closed storage areas. The total area of open storage is approximately 30,000 m2 and is projected for storing containers. If demanded, the open storage area may be increased in future. The 6,000 m2 closed storage is used for storing and protecting precious materials, equipment and flammable substances from weather conditions and external effects. The construction of 320 m2 of closed storage has already been launched.


Rail Line

Total Length of railway 12.03 km
Railtype R65
Railroad Switch quantity 9
Parking lines quantity 4
Length of parking lines 1838.4 m
Projected speed 60 km/ hour
Category of Railway IV

The railway line to Zira Sea Port was designed by “Innopro” LLC and built and put into operation by “Demiryolservis” LLC of “Azerbaijan Demir Yollari” CJSC according to the Technical Conditions No. SM1-304/2 dated 11.08.2017 of “Azerbaijan Demir Yollari” CJSC. given. The total length of the railway is 12.03 km.

In accordance with the requirements of the technical condition, the connection to the railway was connected to the 39+050th km of the Bakukhanov – Yeni Surakhani – Dübendi – Gurgen railway line. During the design of the railway, R65 type rails and 9 1/11 grade switches were used.

Outside the Zira Seaport, there are 4 berths with a total length of 1838.4 pm (useful length 1000 pm).
The design speed of the Zira Sea Port railway line is 60 km/h, the category of the road is class IV.

Transport Route

Zira Port – Georgian Border

574 Km,  7 hour ride

Zira Port – Samur, Russian Border

250 Km, 3 hour ride

Distance from Caspian Sea and International Ports



Zira Port – Poti Port

747 km

Zira Port – Port Aktau

371 km

Zira Port – Kuryk Port

329 km

Zira Port – Bandar Anzali

328 km

Zira Port – Turkmenbashy Port

226 km

Zira Port – Astrakhan port

697 km

Zira Port – Port of Novorossiysk

1145 km

Zira Port – Port of Constanta

1818 km

Zira Port – Port of Samsun

1177 km

Advantages of Zira Sea Port

Does not Freeze in Winter

Navigation all year round

Working schedule 24/7