Fuel Supply

Refueling of cargo vessels is known as bunkering – an activity that is performed daily at ports all around the world. Bunkering is done while a ship is docked. Upon request, bunkering is taken while the vessel is at anchor in a harbor.

The fuel is brought into the yard on 10 m3 tank trucks and then pumped into the 10 m3 tankers buried on the northwest side of the facility. It is then transported to the jetty area by a pipeline running near the east wall of the premises. The pipeline is protected inside a concrete trench to prevent any leakage meet safety standards. Stuff, equipment and machinery involved in transportation and supply of dangerous goods services meet local and international standards.

It is the responsibility of Zira Port to ensure any and all operating procedures take into account the highest level of safety, security and environmental protection. Bunkering procedures follow world-wide standards and are under constant assessment and review.

Waste Management

Solid Waste Management

  • The garbage containers located inside the premises are sufficient to store household and domestic waste. If necessary, an additional trash chute will be provided for storing hazardous waste.
  • A 10 m3 garbage truck will be available for collection and transportation of the waste from the yard to the disposal area. The transported trash is then recycled at the “Tamiz Shahar” LLC disposal yard. A document indicating the disposal information will be provided. All vehicles have the necessary licenses and permits for waste management.

Liquid Waste Management

  • ADO-G can provide collecting, transporting and disposal services for the following liquid wastes generated on the vessels.
  • Oily water – Water mixed with either oil, petroleum or other chemical substances. Oily water requires additional care during transportation and disposal.
  • Grey water – wastewater is mainly generated in households. The source is mainly sinks, showers, washing machines and etc. The mixture is mostly neutral and requires less care.
  • Sewage (black water) — wastewater containing feces, urine and flush water from flush toilets or toilet paper. Black water contains pathogens and therefore requires special attention when processing.
  • Government designated disposal areas in Hovsan and Gardagh are present for the disposal of the liquid wastes stated above. Special suction vehicles will be collecting and transporting all the liquid wastes to the related areas. All vehicles will have the necessary certification and licensing for transporting hazardous and neutral wastes.


Water Supply

Fresh water is transported into the yard through a branch pipeline connected to the Oghuz-Gabala-Baku water pipeline. It is then stored in a 150 ton tank container, buried on the far north end of the premises. A 1430 m water pipeline is laid throughout the perimeter of the facility. Pumps are installed near the tank to deliver 30 m3/h of water. A meter will be measuring the volume of water transferred to the vessels for calculating the overall monthly supply.

Technical/Nautical services


Pilotage is understood to be an advisory service for the captains of vessels and floating craft, which is given on board these vessels and craft, to enable them to enter and leave a port, and to carry out the corresponding nautical maneuvers within the port and within the geographical boundaries of the pilotage area, under safe conditions and in the terms set out in the corresponding law, in the regulations governing this service, and in the specific service requirements.

Mooring and Unmooring

Stevedoring Services — This port service integrates the loading, stowage, unloading and transhipment of goods, object of sea traffic, which allow their transfer between ships or between them and land or other means of transport.


Transportation services

Transportation Service

Ttransportation services in Zira Port are carried out by ADO-G Logistics LLC. The company has all the necessary vehicles for transportation of passengers, cargos, dangerous goods, etc. ADO-G Logistics is capable to organize the entire logistics process for individuals and corporations, from transporting client’s goods to providing value-added services such as storage, inventory, etc. Goods can easily, quickly and sustainably be transported from Zira Port to any region in Azerbaijan and abroad.

Crew Transfer Services

Zira Port has a specially designed passage for transportation of large and small crews from terminal area to vessels. Prior to boarding the vessel, crew members that are listed on the check-list are gathered in front of the main gate for HSE and other related procedures. Upon finishing the procedures, passengers walk towards the vessels under the supervision of the terminal official. Only listed crew members that have passed the necessary procedures are allowed to board the vessels. The captain of the vessel takes over authority after the passengers have boarded the vessels.

Cranage services

Shipping & freight

All service providers in Zira Port aim to handle logistics in the most efficient, safest and quickest way. From berthing the largest container vessel to the scanning of trucks by customs and the transport of goods to their final destination..

  • Choice of dozens of logistics service providers
  • Good cooperation between pilots, boatmen and tug boats
  • In Zira Port, you will find everything a vessel may need
  • Efficient, cooperative customs

ADO-G Logistics LLC is one of the providers of international and local transportation services in Zira Port. With broad range of Ocean Freight products covering different equipment types and consolidation services, the company ensures the cargo reaches the right place, at the right time in a cost-efficient way. ADO-G Logistics works with a spread of ocean carriers covering major carrier alliances with planned space protection from every major container port in the world to deliver reliability.


Agent services at Zira Port are delivered by ADO-G Marine Services.

ADO-G Marine Services is one of the few organizations in the Caspian Sea with the resources, reach, expertise and infrastructure to support shipping operations on a local, regional and global scale.

Operations are backed by in-depth local expertise and excellent relations with port authorities for fast and efficient vessel turnaround.

ADO-G’s range of international shipping services caters for all kinds of vessels, from container ships, bulk cargo carriers, Ro-Ro vessels and tankers to cruise liners and superyachts; Drilling platforms and all cargo types from grains, cement, steel, minerals to crude, LPG and chemicals.

Tailor-made solutions keep the cusinformed of your vessel’s status prior to, during and after the port call while promptly meet your needs and adapt to changing conditions.