Zira port is one of the major trade gateways on Trans-Caspian. The port invites local and international companies operating in Azerbaijan to take advantage of the port’s superior and affordable facilities. One of the main goals of the port is to contribute Azerbaijan become into the main transport hub on the Silk Road. Thus, long-term mutually beneficial cooperation between the Zira Port and the companies will be formed and will further strengthen in the future.

Vendor registration

Vendors that are interested in providing products and/or services to Zira port are required to register in order to hear about upcoming business opportunities.

Purchasing for the Zira port is guided by several established policies. These policies are:

  1. To conduct all purchasing in accordance with established Procurement Policies and Procedures.
  2. To obtain the right quantity and quality of product or service at the right price, and time when needed.
  3. To maximize competition, and provide all interested and qualified vendors with the opportunity to offer their products and services to the Port.
  4. To treat all vendors fairly, ensuring that there is open and fair competition with the business being awarded to the most qualified vendor in the best interest of the Port.
  5. Maintain the highest ethical standards in all transactions.


Procurement and Supply Department of “ADO–G” Group of Companies has many years’ experience on the provision of large projects with goods and services in countrywide and regional scale.

The Procurement Department is the only Department authorized to issue purchase orders committing the Port Authority’s funds. Vendors shall not make sales to Port Authority’s employees without a purchase order approved by the Procurement and Supply Department.

Open bidding

Zira Port Marine Industrial Complex has many business needs as we operate a complex infrastructure that includes construction, customer service, maintenance and other activities.


The port of Zira offers healthy and friendly work environment, opportunities for career growth and professional development. The port is committed to the values of equality and diversity.